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About Dr. Stephenie Gentzel

I was saved at the age of three. My dad and mom led me to the Lord. My mom was actually the one who led me to the Lord. It was a dark night out side and they shared the gospel with me and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour. It was not for my dad and mom I would be lost today with at Jesus in my life. He bought me with His precious blood. I got baptize at the age of five. God also called me into the ministry at a early age of my life. He called me to work with the orphan kids. I surrendered my life and dedicated my life to Him. I just want to live for Him and served Him. God is my life. I also want to glorify God. Then God brought my wonderful husband to me. I would not want any one else. He is my life beside God. Then we got married on August 27th 2011. God also called my husband into the ministry. God called me to Australia to work. I was young when He called me to work in the ministry to Australia. I was about five or so when God called me into the ministry. My life verse is (Eph. 4:6). One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all. God has really been showing me things for my ministry. I help at my church for the training that God has called me to.

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